MoneyGram International, Inc. - American financial company operating in international financial markets. Provides international money transfer services.

Translation can be done in several ways.

  • Visit the nearest MoneyGram branch where you will be asked to fill out the appropriate form.

  • Send money through the MoneyGram mobile app. This application allows you to send money transfers, track them and pay bills directly from your mobile device. The application supports iOS and Android.

​To complete the payment, you must specify the name and country of the recipient.

Payment details:
Cash pick up

First name -  VSEVOLOD
Last name -  KOVALOV
Country - UKRAINE
city - Kyiv
address - vul. Sichovuh Strilciv 17
Postal Code - 04050
Phone - +380970659997 



After completing the transaction, you must provide a photo receipt to the recipient.

Send a photo of the receipt to us in one of the instant messengers:

WhatsApp: +380970659997 

Line: igg-account 

The operator will respond and provide you with the purchased goods within 60 minutes. (during working hours)

If you have any problems with payment, please let us know and we will select the appropriate payment method for you.